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403 Morningside Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA
403 Morningside Drive Fredericksburg Virginia 22401 US

Do you think hiring a Pro DJ/MC is expensive ? Wait until you hire an amateur for entertainment and things don’t go the way it’s expected. It’s true with any celebration, whether a wedding, corporate party, birthday, anniversary, etc. You want your guests to stay and have a great time. They will enjoy the food and the conversation, but it’s the laughter, smiles and memories that are created on the dance floor they’ll remember most. This is where the DJ either makes or breaks YOUR event, and whether guests leave early. DJ Jason of Classic Hits Entertainment C:703 851 8665,

As a qualified DJ and master of ceremonies my duties go much farther than just playing music. Before I can even start to entertain your guests I must know about your style, your favorite songs, the memories you have tied to songs that are special to you. Some DJ’s will only play the music they have downloaded and are not able or willing to give the couple exactly what they request. Much like selecting the perfect DJ, music selection is a personal decision and will differ among all of my clients. Understanding your style is one of the ways I can bring the type of atmosphere you desire to your wedding reception. Music sets the tone and I would never force my clients to minimize their expectations based on what is easiest for me versus what is best for you. There will be many announce during your reception, such as the arrival of the newly wed couple, the cutting of the cake and the bouquet toss. As your DJ and Master of Ceremonies I make sure the events run smoothly, stays on schedule and use my charming personality to get your guests excited, laughing, eating, drinking and dancing all night!

Professional DJ’s and MC’s provide thousands of dollars of audio equipment, turntables and speakers, lighting and everything else necessary for the machines to work. DJ’s work closely with the wedding and event venue to make sure we are compliant with their rules and ordinances. We also provide a good quality wireless microphone for speeches. These are all vital components in what makes our services so valuable for your wedding. We strive for excellence in every event and would love to work with you at your wedding. Give us a call first and avoid risking the joy of your big day by hiring the cheapest DJ you can find and ending up heart broken when they have little to no equipment, terrible music selection, faulty equipment, unprofessional behavior, very little personality and lack they character of an MC who is passionate about your wedding!

I services the following areas: Fredericksburg weddings, Culpeper Weddings, Warrenton Weddings, Richmond Weddings, Charlottesville Weddings, King George Weddings, Woodbridge Weddings, Orange Virginia Weddings, Fauquier Weddings, Loudoun County Weddings, Leesburg Weddings, Fairfax Weddings, Manassas Weddings, Northern Virginia Weddings, DC Weddings, and more.

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