Stacey Taylor Photography & Design

Fredericksburg, VA 22407, USA
12701 Maxwell Court Fredericksburg Virginia 22407 US

Hi friends and welcome! Why am I a photographer?…because I love capturing moments, beauty, and sharing what I see in a creative way. I am addicted to taking pictures… ask my husband!

Me and photography… I started early, photographing on an all manual camera shooting on film and developing the film myself in a dark room (many moons ago!). By starting from using the bare minimum in equipment, nothing fancy, I believe that gave me a solid foundation on how to achieve what I wanted in an image and how it is simplistically made. There is something magical about seeing an image appear before you on photo paper! I actually miss film a little and might dabble in it again when I get the time.

Over the years, I have taken workshops and online classes and I work hard at educating myself to learn new techniques, editing, programs, equipment, and learn from some of my favorite photographers. And, like they say… practice makes perfect! Through each session and each client I meet, I feel like I take something from that experience. Whether it is something new to try or making a lasting friendship, I cherish my time with my clients and what comes out of our sessions. My goal is for you to capture a moment in your life… and hang it on a wall in your home or put it in an album!

I love what I do and would love to share it with you… to help you capture the amazing moments in your life. If you like my style, if you think we vibe… contact me so we can chat. We might be a perfect fit! Call… text… message me on Facebook… or email me. I would love to hear from you!

Best Wishes to You and Yours,